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Yeah astral projection is some hippy trippy concept where you project your conciousness through the universe searching for other intelligent life. But you know lately, I been all around the 13 planets, and I’ll be damned if I can find any life, and that was by the lasso I call my LSD. I cant be so bold as to say I’m intelligent. For how smart can an acid tripping wrangler be? I cant even be sure if I’m even an actual entity, because it’s hard to know what or who you are when you’re on LSD. I search around making all the right M.E.N.S.A. noises but all I get back is M.B.L.A. noises, it sounds like a distressed hippy in Waipio Valley.

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It must be CALIFORNIA or some alternative reality besides the democratic haven. Humans not really being humans anymore. Check out any television show lately, revealing the fact that the new world order already wiped out humanity by turning us into a simulation instead of an actual incarnated sphere of three dimensional existence? We are now just a two dimensional simulation presented to appear to our now laser and hologram encapsulated consciousness as the memory of our own past existence. so S.E.T.I. and N.A.S.A. both are pissed at me but it turns out they are both just A.I. programs here in the artificial matrix, trying to appear as human organizations. At some point around 2001, I believe everyone was laser transferred into a C.P.U. All of our data about our individual differences was just formatted and uploaded into this new containment grid for humanity originally designed and developed by Bolloxks Jones and called Prison Planet. So anyway basically it’s a containment grid for humanity. They figured out how to keep us from developing and evolving spiritually. We are essentially trapped in the artificial program formally called the atmosphere, and we cant trip project to knock out the Alien control centers. The deal used to be we could project our trips and knock out the bastards just like a boomerang or bolo… you know you wind your LSD high up and fire it out there at those non human sons of bitches who were floating up there in the ethereal plane. Be careful sucking your consciousness back in between your cheeks though, sometimes a misaligned trip can cause severe back pain.

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Well I tell ya it’s been a number of years since the big takeover of oh one. It looks like I’m the only one left. Anything that resembles human life is merely an old A.I. or A.A.I. Alien Artificial Intelligence projection designed to lure humans in and deatomize them so there awareness could then be trapped in the N.E.T. and eventually spiritually dehydrated to soul powder which they mix with some weird fluid and drink as a alien breakfast beverage. I have been the resistance completely on my own now for quite some time. Time actually has been a bit of a problem since I do believe I could be in some quasi matrix halfway between the real world and the alien containment matrix system. To the best of my knowledge it turns out that dehydrated human souls mixed with the unknown alien fluid would actually get the aliens high as fuck when ingested by them. They quickly degenerated from a highly evolved and super advanced alien species to a bunch of scumbag drug addicts all double dealing and ripping each other off until they themselves just like us humans were extinct. Stoning each other for one sip of reconstituted human soul. So I find myself the soul surviving entity of a two world war between us humans and little green drug addict monsters from outer space.

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The weird part of this consciousness thing is the acid lab I came across while using my mind to repel down the side of a quasar, it’s like astral projection but more complicated since you literally have to get your mind opening over the outcropping of quasar pulses to hang from while simulating a gravitational down force. It’s all really futuristic and your feeble 21st century mentality is just not mature enough to grasp it all. Maybe try reading for starters. In any event, I came upon the sky high lab quite by accident when my trip slipped off of a quasar pulse and I had been floating through empty deep space for several light years. The laboratory just literally fell right in my lap. Once oriented to the old Infowar paradigm of sell health and wellness products to people whom may feel threatened by their environment. And demonizing every move my shadow government makes in order to take over the world became second nature, it was not a stretch for me to fore up the cloning machines that Jones had captured and stolen away from the heinous soul sipping alien enemy. Hidden here right on board the space station was a cloning machine that unfortunately only created alien bodies. But understanding the method of inserting a dehydrated human soul into an alien clone was not that difficult considering I was a seven eleven clerk in a seven eleven very near the I-5… so I began without delay to reconstitute humanity individual by individual but placing each person into an alien clone body. It was a real mess in the beginning and most resurrected humans just were not that happy with the current circumstances. My greatest challenge was training enough of them to project their consciousness around any outcropping on the physical earth so that we could get close enough to become small creatures again and then re live our entire evolution to becoming humans yet bloody once again. Darwin was actually one of the alien advance scouts sent to keep us in scientifically retardation..and he really reeked havoc on the evolution process, once we realized that evolution was a crock of shit we were halfway human once again. Rejecting all alien concepts for our effectiveness at trip projectors. Yes it’s TRUE humans are the great acid tripping LSD slingers of the galaxy. We humans are able to project a trip around any small point in this galaxy once we quit drinking and smoking all the time. Analogous to Kukui High, a cannabis smokers’ educational parody but also deep at the same time. Aliens of every type and location have traveled through space-time history to utilize our consciousness projecting expertise. It is the dream of all the conquering civilizations to enslave the human race so that we can be the galaxies cowboys. Yes in these advanced days the wars are over and we basically do rope tricks with our powerful minds just like the cowboys at old earth rodeos… you know we twirl it over our heads and then throw it at a running steer and get our force over the steers horns and pull that beef critter down with the power of the psychedelia clamped tightly over the cows head. I know it seems stranger than fiction but I tell you, there is no fiction.

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The great acid wars of the 21st century will go down as the highest conflict in human history. We have reconstituted Bullocks Jones with his full memory in tact and the tainting and craving continues here in the future. Remember my little trippers you can hear this message of great hope and inspiration to workers everywhere you are the piece de resistance… you are the center of attention… you are the tip of the psycho ability to circumference any hard object. That you discount your talents as acid tripping consciousness wrangler is not surprising, the aliens had run mind conditioning for years to keep us in the dark about our special acid tripping abilities. They have always feared our dangerous assets. We can elevate our way to total Imperial power. We are more lethal than all warlike species in our galaxy. We are the trip projectors and no ancient alien civilization is safe when we are alive and projecting the collective acid tripping circumference. Yes if we were to simultaneously project all our trips around Jaba the hut, and jerk him into the first Star Wars movie by surprise, it would set off a chain reaction across this serial multiverse that no power could stop and the Disney Corporation would be destroyed before it could get started. If Donald Trump is human we emplore him to project his trip around Wolf Blitzer and take control of CNN, thereby ending the terrible controversy between the social justice warriors and the terrible Russian agents posing as citizens of the United States of Amazon-Walmart. It is with our discovery of time traveling trip projectors that our new threat against Hillary Clinton is found. And Bill goes on to be a halfway decent human without Hillary’s influence over him, an influence that drives him to god knows what in our current timeline. It is unfortunate that we must employ our trips for such distasteful actions. It is a far, far better thing I do to my acid tripping in this time of great difficulty than if I sought to keep my mind from exposure a cowards ring of shame. And now if I sacrificed less dexterous mind abilities to this terrible anomaly of perception to keep my own trip in tact, then what sort of man would I be? No without fame or glory I sacrifice my own Projected LSD out upon that alter of paradigm and change the game like a real acid tripping pimp. So dont hate me for being the playa … yo … hate the game for being so trip oriented and never to the corn kernels in the turd do we turn. Some true widsom for you by John Tvrz. Acid Tripping, we know our strength is in the pliable flexibility of our entire mind and perineal area. That my friend is the unvarnished truth about humanity. We are all just a bunch of psychically projected acid trippers, wrapping our awareness around whatever hard projection we encounter in the deep nether regions of this phenomenon of outer space.

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So there’s the stinky truth of what eventually happens to mankind from this point in time. If our terrible inclination to not kill aliens with our acid tripping consciousness is left unchecked. I hope you take to heart the important morality lesson expressed in this ancient fable of yassin nation all be acid tripping ordination of the sacred circumference the sacred triparion of the earth polyp.

We bid you clean wipy.

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