the trending content wears no clothes

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So I have spent, and I do mean spent an hour of my life I will never get back watching mainstream “trending” content on the internet. The weightless non offensive entertainment for the boredom, of the masses… I am not sure how to be gentle or compassionate in opinion about what I witnessed over that misspent 60 minutes.

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I suppose no rebuke is in order, nor is there any concern for the obvious motivations of the “owners” of the media companies, that not only allow this, de-educational process to take place, but are certainly part and parcel of its design and its dissemination. To them I would offer a negative judgement yes… but I am not really emotionally invested in what others may attempt to do… I have an insight into the final battle and its outcome, so to me all these little dramas are quite entertaining… I do have a purpose, but do I have the power to make clear to you, that purpose I hold within my intent here now? Or should i more accurately state that do we together have the power to grasp the brass ring of my selfless purpose?

I should preface everything with the fact that I am neither worldly or seeking of the world, I am neither Knowledgeable or seeking of knowledge. A very wise Ancient Greek, once stated that the seeking of knowledge becomes a form of mental illness. His point was that we acquire a system of knowledge we employ it, it is successful…why the continued pursuit? In that continued sometimes obsessive pursuit, we find compounded miseries from our ever expanding base of so called knowledge…So I understand curiosity I understand light hearted fun, but I do not understand the content of what I watched today for an hour on the internet.

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The content touted to be the most popular and most viewed…This perhaps denotes that I am not “with it” or “up to speed”, with what is popular now on the internet. I suppose I cannot deny that fact. I suppose age and circumstances have stripped away my coolness and left some grotesque repulsion of cool…that all of us are bound to be in time… But I am not interested in, opinions of nieve hipsters and aloof mental midgets… but I am fascinated as so many seem to be, in the overtly superficial nature of what is popular today. And the question of why it’s popularity is so pervasive…across all social strata… as its own internal structure is that of obvious stupidity, how is it that so many resonate so strongly with such retardation… Popular by current measurement. Also a subject I do not understand. Though I suspect, view counts get advertiser’s excited, so in that light, I suspect view counts and other unknown metrics all designed to inform advertiser’s whom and what is “hot” and whom and what is “not” are certainly employed, as per the Youtube Trending page. One suspects these positions are also sold for a premium price to perspective and active advertisers… or do they have an even less transparent sales scheme than that?… it would not surprise me if it was purely an appeal to the advertisers greed and the so called algorithm and complicated math…is total horsesh1t….this way they can by whim and human decision alone make stars and break stars, just as it always has been… the whole smokescreen of impartial metrics used to shield the man behind the curtain from public scrutiny…or attack from other media companies.

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Does that really matter to the nameless unimportant consumer?…not really right… But what of real power kiddos, what of your ability to achieve the desires you personally hold dear?… What of applied specific limited knowledge expertly employed with perfect timing… all to allow you to become the person you feel you would like to be?…I saw none of that within the hour of the hottest content on the internet today… I saw mindless sentiments And stereotypes … I saw the dumbing down of any viewer witnessing that garbage in process…so your choice …your own decision.

And most importantly the decision to be like yourself and not like this person or that person. This celebrity, that celebrity, obviously phantom, choreographed characters and not actual people…Is that the actual goal that they seek to keep you from? and have already failed to achieve…as all their attempts end in failure….look at Fukerberg….you are the person you already are… and you have no need of becoming you…you already are your own face… and have no need to put yourself in some book…so other, gazillions of faces can know how unimportant you are….this is the system they attempt to sell you…if they can confuse you sufficiently about this simple premise…it is then you that can be utilized to serve them and the technocratic control grid of fear… I did witness a one hour expose today upon modern subjects, by modern personalities… all too unfamiliar to me, all subjects that had very subtle messages applied within them as all effective influence peddlers have applied throughout history… a personality/celebrity “having fun” and clearly actually selling products and or services, yet in a very subtle indirect way… Also reinforcing critical imperial viewpoints, stereotypes and preferred behaviors of consumers… I could not help but think about the long term influence this type of content and direct exposure to it would have…the ill effect it would have upon a young persons decision to emulate someone else other than their authentically unique individual self. The obvious subterfuge to make the target, confused about the value of their personal self….The very subconscious message that you as a person are not important…repeated again and again… and again…
…that I did see, a loud and clear, to me anyway, the message of the unimportance of the viewer/witness…was the take away for me, and the long seen understood desire of Corporatists to achieve… what Ceaser, Napoleon, Mao, Stalin, or Hitler did not…could not…which is total, actual world control and clear ownership not just of all the lands… but of all its peoples….Popular entertainment as it exists today, and has in the past has had a long term devaluing influence or effect upon the witnesses to it…watching these entertainment systems, even now participating with them over a long periods, of many interactions, repetitions… have an effect on the “viewer”/”gamer”over that long term ….that tends to dismiss the viewer/gamer as an unknown impersonal “nobody”… a systematic psychological stripping away of your own internal self esteem….watching these very subtle messages of your unimportance in your witness role, subjugated to the all important content being offered for your “entertainment” is nothing short of blatant mind programming initiated and reinforced over the repetitious long periods of time, involved and needed for deep subconscious transformation.

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So why do I care about the media trying to influence people?, I don’t…do your damnedest to program the masses, as you call them…teach them to do your bidding… I am not really emotionally invested in whatever it is that others are doing. So the journey of mankind’s misery upon himself begins long ago, and compounds with every generation, but there is an escape… kiddos… and its not suicide… I myself have escaped to fly free from its contrived gilded cages… it’s long established imperial designs…its lecherous grasping at itself in strange afflictions…their claims and crimes do not move me in any way as the motions of this experience are not to be held too tightly. Resist ye not evil… I am the only God, there is none beside me… the escape is not for faint hearted, partially programmed lemmings, but fearless warriors ready to sacrifice life and limb…which is the first courage these scumbags strip away from modern peoples…making them “soft” as it were….So as to not give away the show, my vauge statements are perhaps of no use, though perhaps not of intent to be of use. Just as the “trending” content upon this inner net, this snare for the attention of mankind…this entry today holds no intrinsic value but subtlety sells you an idea, upon which you may grasp or allow to gently slip away… my desire/intent has no such designs toward your behaviors or desires… I am not invested in your training as a consumer, or producer. I am only articulating thoughts and expressing them in text, without any reason to influence the reader, furthermore, being upon this needle/blog/ in a stack of needles, other private blogs, there is no “critical mass” achieved with the small exposure this tiny entry will get… as “viral” is just as legendary as “voting” is…both just as illusory….as we both know this controlled contrivance is more manipulated than gold on the stock market is. In other words our voices are suppressed by automation and “viral” is a superstition that the owners of the internet propagate…there is no such thing as viral kiddos and all attempts at “proving” it only expose further collusion to form people’s opinions for them… So in conclusion, do you kids really believe in the superficial nature of the popular culture of today? Is it somehow a beacon of value to mankind that I am completely missing?..answer yourself…not me…I am already free…
Oh youth…it is wasted on the young…be happy in your youth and continue having that fun where you find it kiddos, your time of reflection will arrive soon enough. So our movement across the darkened room continues in its progression… the journey is one of choice and action.

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My particular state of awareness or perception expressed here on this virtual page announcing a circumstance not made to conform to a world being engineered for a computer to be able to assimilate in its artificial perception… loosing everything that is good in its scanning measurement its inadequate intelligence more feeble than a chicken… understanding of only what it had been told…understanding only its code its crushing limitations… It cannot artificially learn, it can only continue to do what it was told to do in the beginning. The non physical causation of misery, is a choice just as the physical cause of joy is a choice… and we are here making billions of decisions per millisecond segment of seeming time. Far surpassing any super computers capacity for “intelligence”…Our experience is formed out of our choices and we move through the vibrational equivalent of those choices in our self created experiences. We truly decide which is something a machine will never do no matter the grand delusions of that machines creator be…I am growing daily in a power well beyond the normal dull hum of mankinds average awareness. I am becoming aware of something deeper than unconditioned consciousness… something that exists in back of the great I am, the source of our experience here now. To arrive at a state of awareness that cannot be recognized from here through our feeble, easily manipulated physical senses.


Our senses have long proven themselves very unreliable and yet they are accepted as conclusive, as irrefutable… in ignorance humanity wallows in its self chosen misery…creating torturous systems of pain from which to test himself …and from which to grow into an awareness far superior to the current illusions he wallows within…. and I do not care… knowing that the compassion is wasted on a spirit that knows exactly what it is doing. I am no longer giving a single thought to helping anyone but myself as I have seen the true face of mankind and its ugly mangled features, it’s scarred and deformed structure ….that before his self mutilation was given him as perfection. It is mankind that mamed this perfection to achieve some purpose which seems to be kept secret from himself. And so kiddos, do you watch these mindless emotionally empty hours of stupidity because you want to? Or are you told to fritter away your time by some insidiously thwarted spirit of destruction, that was forged in the white hot fires of war and long tortured prisoners shame…this admonishment and decree is not a pleading or a persuasion. It is a exposure, no matter how brief or rare, if the workings deep below your awareness that so few ever see until so called death. Van be made known, perhaps then you will step above the usury your spirits have been kept in bondage to and crush the very oppressing force that has tended it. For those about to Rock, we salute you.

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Perceptions of Reality

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    As a man definitely defining a sense of myself through conditions and circumstance. Am I somehow making a perceptual mistake? By that criteria of definition…Though not as concerned with mistakes, or how not to do things, as it were. I must consider that my foundation of perception could be somehow flawed in the realization that wants or desires, still haunt my awareness. That what I desire to experience is not somehow within that experience I am having right now …as of yet…or currently… So in that desire I am not clinging, but resting in the abstract sense that the attainment of desire is already fulfilled in the awareness of the desire itself. Really a suspension of disbelief. But an effective one, for me alone not you…me.
    Could it certainly be true that my memory is so short-term oriented that I do not, remember the cause of the effect I experience?…or is it true that mankind, including myself is indeed a victim to random cause and effect?… and in this continual amnesia from myself as cause. My awareness or consciousness dwells in misperception?
    If this be so, I wonder how to become free of this seemingly intrinsic mechanism of forgetful, omnipotence…If indeed I be the causation of my own experience, again me not you… then how to become the person I desire to be? Is it as simple as just do it?…the over simplification of the solution is obvious. But in that oversimplification the fault of the so called solution is blatantly revealed… and this “fault” is the starting point from which I must attain the end result of which I desire…that which can be made explicit to the idiot is surely not worth my efforts …this seems a bit evasive…it seems a rejection of the question, but if I am the source of my experience, if I am the cause of my life… then why am I not born with an obvious awareness of this apparent truth…again if it is apparent, which indeed it is not…indeed am I the cause of my own experience?…decision….truth… Again my apparent truth not yours… And to no one save myself and a very few others… this apparent truth about myself being the cause of my experience is anything but obvious.
    In fact the common perception that I am a “victim” of my circumstance. Is evidently easier to believe. But what if this seemingly obvious state of affairs is indeed incorrect, and my own self created life experience is the actual mechanism of consciousness – or experience – as the ancient texts of many societies seem to explain, in other words I am responsible, literally for everything that happens or seems to happen to me… This is an acceptable foundation from which I can rest in certainty.

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    No matter the amount of reading, of absorbing, of specific belief in particular ways of perception, there seems to be a great divide between the psychological and the physical worlds of experience… and no matter how much the gurus, and doctors and proponents of new age thinking or new thought, continually tell us/me, that our physical world is a result of our psychological perception of it…it still seems that every morning with the sunrise, most of us get up and head out into the so called real world… without having created a thing …consciously anyway, this, the word itself is experience (and not internally created experience) seemingly externally experienced creation. So though once skeptical about this apparent revolutionary way to effect change in ones life.
    I think at-least for the time being I will earnestly practice its tenants of decision about what it is I want. I have decided that, and I have decided very specifically what it is I want. I have so specifically decided it that I am absolutely certain about what it is I want, and have imagined the finished experience in great detail, knowing exactly what actions to take. What experiences I will have and so on… I am so familiar with what I want that I could spend hours describing It. I could go into great detail about exactly what it is. So now I must say as of late, I have experienced some kind of shift of feeling about that subject and the shift is a certain feeling of its naturalness, its familiarity. What I desire does somehow feel much more natural and even normal to me now, which has sustained my continuation of living from the feeling of the desire already fulfilled, or a stronger suspension of disbelief even into the feeling that it is possible or even probable.
    I have noticed a definite shift in my feelings around the fulfilled desire in mind and my behaviors toward life and the fulfilled desire. I have certainly changed from about a month ago…in fact my entire life experience has radically changed from a month ago. So that is the report about that thus far… I continue to do nothing but dwell within the desires fulfillment of experience which is a specific state of awareness, and me taking action about it has been a result. I do retain a much stronger sense of it than before, no doubt, and it is very encouraging – very on target with descriptions given me from persons whom have achieved similar goals to my own. I am positively much more expectant or certain, than thirty days ago.
    So I would say to those whom want to call upon themselves to effect change in their own life, you most likely are facked… right, that’s the statistical reality. So vortexes and black holes, dark matter and perception is a choice of interpretation made to experience myself in whatever way I choose, and not for someone other than myself… the sense of what is myself to experience is for myself to experience and not you, but if you believe in science or facts then you have to consider the fact that scientists, theorize and even prove that all people and the people’s environment are all one entity and it is our perception that we are seperate from each other and our environment, that is the inaccurate factor or concept, in all this madness called life.

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    Apparently according to some scientists theories, we are all one…or let’s just assume that’s right… because i can only oscillate in indecision for so long until i just try something. So my sense that I’m an individual and separate even unaware of you whom may be reading this, by the merit of the fact that you are reading this… may give us a tangible connection but quantum physicists are making a much bigger leap in assumption than that… and stating that the entire planet and all within it, is all one entity or organism. So if that is true the separations we perceive as real are perhaps not so real as our perception has led us to believe. I am perfectly ok without all of that, but it is interesting to contemplate and even logical to me… in that explanation of what is…it explains questions about “why” to me in ways that no other “theory” has thus far. So as vague as that is, for me… I am feeling a definite “on to something” gut feeling, which has served me well in the past. I am not that into “woo” but in this case of imagination creates reality – i am taking a risky leap without your permission or consent. I will navigate away from this subject to stay true to my random multifaceted style of strange expression.
    So vulnerable and exposed to the ridicules of shallow thinking. So open to attack by the brainless shallow, self indulged twit of today. Whom is apparently myself, shall we talk about our superficial tendencies or shall we explore deeper mysteries? Like my awareness of spiritual causes of physical circumstances or situations which indeed is the initial subject of this blog entry…thus actually not shifting away from the subject… ha ha ha fooled again… I am becoming aware that my non physical activity or thoughts, belief, emotion and intuition to name a few, could be considered and is, in my opinion spiritual activity. Or just non physical activity. So as this information is nothing new, it is merely my particular regurgitation of it. I invite you to move on to other things as I may ramble on for some several minutes of your precious time. Spiritual states of awareness could be described as perception or awareness or consciousness. My particular state of awareness or perception no doubt in my mind… profoundly effects how I perceive or view emotionally and or logically my own environment.
    We tend to describe this phenomena as a healthy/Good attitude or unhealthy/Bad attitude… these polar positioned and generalized descriptions do convey the opposite extremes of human emotional/logical perception. It is easy to see the connection between good attitude good experience and its opposite… but what I want to explore is the claim that we actually attract our specific circumstances and situations in life by our ingrained beliefs, habits, subconscious content to name a few …all working together in conspiracy to actually manifest or bring to us specific experiences in our awareness or life. I am fascinated with the concept that by me taking specific internal non physical action, that I can obtain physical results from those specific non physical activities in mind, or spiritual activities. Absolutely amazing information…Furthermore interpretation of this information is and has had an actual impact on me…or has provided to me actual results in my so called physical experience.
    Now the really interesting thing is that the results I speak of are still able to be interpreted one of two ways, which I would have to describe as my old way of thinking and my new. So to offer some claim of scientific validity to this description of the causation of life experience, is not possible, which for me further illuminates the word faith, and the action description walking by it. I’m really quite enamored by this new discovery which is really quite old – everything I’m playing with in this entry is well stomped ground. All of these ideas, precepts or thoughts, are well articulated by people far more capable than myself to explain them. But I am not interested in their view at this particular moment, I am interested in my own. So all my visions and pondering and internal content is and has been no waste of time, and the next salesman that tells me I am wasting my time may find a very sharp number two pencil stuck right through some part of his body… the scarcity tactic is a call to action strategy employed by many salesmen in order to get you to purchase their product or service… I might sometimes entertain salesmen, but if one of these so called “closers” is speaking…I am completely shut down, turned off and totally through listening at all.
    A so called closer is just a label on a extremely arrogant sales person in order to take on higher status or to give them some falsely created sense of superiority over other so called sales people… So if they use that word at all, which I’m sure clever ones would never consider doing… I am totally through with them. Let’s see …how can I reveal even more contrived information about a supposed self that entities external to myself may assume is good information on me?… ah yes artificial intelligence and this weird engineered popular idea that it will somehow “take-over” humanity… hilarious.

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    Well firstly, computers and full or partial automation are already widespread through all types of industry.

Robber Barrons from way back are always dreaming up new ways to sell more misery to humanity in the form of convienence and quality… but really only increasing their own bottom line. I am fascinated with the concept that artificial intelligence is something to fear, as we so often seem to invent new ways to be afraid of things… any way …it is no surprise that mankind has invented yet another system to allow him ways to reinvent himself or perish…remember folks real value is in us and not in some false idol in the external world. But why would I bother with telling you that…I’ve already done the blog on it and you already know everything. So my regurgitating and expounding of all this manutia must be extremely trying to all these refined geniuses out there… I wonder why they are all still in mom’s basement, and not off working for NASA or Boeing aircraft? Hey what about Tesla, I hear that owner what’s his name is a real prick of misery, I wonder if that’s true or not… you never know today since news services are no longer reliable…should call them opinion services and not news services … what to say about creating my own reality, other than its true… it’s my opinion that it’s true. And if I gather evidence to continually prove my belief to myself… why should I care what other people say or think?…

So no such thing as work and life balance, so by extrapolating that logic I suppose I could assume, there is no such thing as balance or equilibrium in life at all, or there is no such thing as pursuing something wholeheartedly and expecting balance to be a result in such a one sided pursuit… this does make sense to me, since I myself have never found extreme focus to coincide with a “balance” …
yes it feels true… any extreme pursuit of whatever the focus is tends to expand into an obsessive imbalance of intensely limited or specific activity of focus in pursuit of the particular subject of that pursuit, in this case work that four letter word which denotes some specialized activity in which some exchange of profit or wages is transferred from one party to another. I like the word profit over wages but I confess a certain lack of experience in receiving profit, and too much experience in receiving wages, making me by that definition a schmuck. Though if I search back in the memory of self there were certain entrepreneurial activities which I did engage in which did net me a profit… I must temper that success with the truth of not sustaining or growing those activities into “financial freedom” as many have thrown the term around I too have jumped upon the band wagon which some could day I fell off of yesterday. So my limited experience in profit holds no exclusion from its further pursuit… but tempered again with reality , I tred these waters mostly submerged as all swimmers do. Every once and a while doing the back stroke and float to find rest and longevity in being waterborne. Was that a description of work life balance, because Lord knows my smart ass tendencies always find a way to make any “absolute” statement about anything a provable …lie… time management… what about that? Is there such a thing or is their only ultimate personal belief about any precept, concept or principality… the answer seems to always go back to my focus. My choice of awareness my specific dwelling place of consciousness or my state of mind… my type of perception… this whole exploration is constantly going back to the premise that I am what I choose to believe I am…in this I am finding consistent repetition and therefore “truth” if you would be so bold… I am the source of my experience is not so pie in the sky after all… and its practice… its repetition …does gain definite momentum in that circle of cause and effect… if I choose to be wealthy then I could suspend disbelief through interpretation of what wealth is to me… by some people’s estimation they would define this as lying to ones self… or self deception …but their estimation of what I personally believe will ultimately have little or nothing to do with my own personal experience unless I allow them that space in my head, as it were.

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So the stupidity of of teenage acid use, it seems an old American tradition for low income adolescent males to get ahold of and use acid,or L.S.D. at least it was in my generation, not sure about today. Acid may even be out of voice had it now for all I know. Being unpopular would make sense since the apparent fervor as of late to take advantage of and poison each other. So I am not sure about any clean acid even being available to large segments of the population as it really never has been such a commodity has it. Amazing how other truly destructive drugs gets so much “traction” and availability though, and never you mind that your own bank, where you have your checking and savings are caught red handed, involved in the modern drug trade on shockingly deep levels well beyond money laundering but if you want to help your out of state aunt cash a check at your own bank by depositing that check they will day they can’t because of money laundering …what a cart full of bull pizzels, these arrogant bankers need a good ratcheting and they will receive it, since they are past due on getting my boot right up there posterior orifice…but never you mind about that… just shut up and go to work peon. Acid is best done longer term with definite, break periods, in what’s called micro-doses. Basically taking very small fractional doses of what’s generally considered one hit…so I would say that liquid has always been my favorite score and usually, well not usually, always the cleanest product I’ve ever been able to procure. How about you, please leave names phone numbers and addresses and any other specific information we may need to cop.
So liquid the cleanest…Except maybe in 1982, when I and a friend were given authentic strawberry ozzly and purple window pane from the sixties, actual sandoz, corp. Liquid used on those two medias. Though it was degraded by age those trips my first two as well… we’re probably still the all time most intense and memorable. I have since that time taken mega doses which perhaps were more intense but not stuck in memory like those first two trips. Acid is made from a mold that forms on rye, or wheat I believe… and the mold is called Ergot. I’m not sure about the science as I am merely a meatheded tripper… in any event let us get down to brass monkeys… Let us not talk falsely now… as so much depends on our abilities to communicate effectivemy before during and after the ride on the magic bus. Well for me it could have been the little yellow special bus… but for the average non handicapped person, the magic bus. Toothbrush I’m not sure about, other than it denotes a long term commitment. If compassion is the very force that holds the world together then allow me my view of this compassion as a perspective to view all this teenage fascination with fads or popular cuture with as permissible by the fact that I did it when I was that age… which when one becomes “older” popular cultrebor fads, can be viewd as sheer stupidity, if not seen through this compassionate perspective… Now teenagers all go through a period in and around that stage of life, where they subconsciously in most cases, break the psychic bond between themselves and their parents. They generally behave obnoxiously or resist all forms of “control” over their lives by their caregivers, usually parents… Acid for me was a definite revolt against what I viewed as the tyranny over me imposed by my parents and perhaps it was an early choice that I made without any “adult” supervision giving me a sense of being grown up. I recall all the other accutremon of revolt from porn magazines to marijuana, alcohol, tobacco and my very own personal firearms…motorcycles and sex with girls…not goats…not chickens…girls damn it…well you fuk one goat and the rest of you’re life… here comes the goat fuker!!! You know it haunts you forever…baaaa…baaaa …I happened to grow up around copious amounts of firearms and was already very familiar with them by age 10 onward… but by age thirteen I was well upon my way toward independence through dramas that were considered and still are considered outside the norm. I do have to bless all my youthful experience that many would label very bad behavior… and even hurtful damaging experience for me…but I personally bless all the experience that tended to cause me pain in my life as a self empowering method of creating a healthy constructive perspective in all situations… I don’t believe acid enhanced or helped my psychic development but it did provide a unique memory data base to be drawn upon later in real life experiences. I don’t condone the use of any drugs, especially for young adults. I am expressing the superficial reflections of being a young adult actually having those types of experiences. I am not trying to influence… if influence is filling textual formations upon a virtual page, then I must say that…that perspective is very open and sensitive to perceived influences indeed.

So L.S.D. I must admit its been at least a decade since I’ve experienced it so my perspective on it is not fresh; however, the number of times I have experienced it is almost certainly above the average and below the full on fry baby. Speaking of which I know a person whom was born on acid, since his mother was dosed when he was born. Now he does not recall the birth of course, who does… but the pride with which he shares that information denotes to me the extremely liberal environment he was reared within as a young child and teenager. So I am not really into labeling people myself, I shy away from any further description of Ill effects or benefits of L.S.D.

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I do know that people in a negative state of mind will almost certainly have a terrible experience on L.S.D. and that whatever issues or content that is hidden within your subconscious will come to the surface of awareness while under the influence of the drug… not a drug… sure it’s a drug that releases chemicals and electrical activity that is not usually stimulated within your incarnate physical brain. Not a drug …drug…However, it’s not a drug as it is highly undetectable without a spinal tap. And it’s effects on the mind are more a trigger than a electro chemical imbalance like for example cocaine. A drug… But hey I’m a meathead high school drop out, don’t let me influence you. Not a drug…So my pretty kitties, what is the purpose of this textual journey? What could be the catch to all this reading of possible information or misinformation? In my view absolutely nothing. Maybe a drug?…I have nothing to sell you, I could care less what you think… heck I could care less what I think, and I’m not even remotely convinced this blog entry is even entertainment or entertaining. I am however, going to continue to swim through these constructs of judgement, perception and articulation of expression without your permission or endorsement… I do use poetic licenses foreign and domestic to entertain myself in textual imagery from time to time when the mood strikes me. Call it what you will…call it a drug…its not a drug.

Beyond the many fields of right and wrong. Above the mountains of worldly wisdom and expert opinion. I dance on a lake made of fire and sky, without a care of whom is watching and or why. Dancing Indian ancient dance…the last two drops always fall in your pants…

Making new beginnings until the end we journey through late hours until dawn unseen by bleary eyed nightwatchmen and overweight policemen. Dinuts are a drug…Around your storehouse and industrial zones my caravan of gypsys gather what you’ve thrown and fashion new designs the average fool goes crazy for, and then we change the game yet again in jest. We rustle your bushes of discontent to see if you have a cartridge unspent. Or if you are that cagey type, we give your dogs a butt wipe… that’s pretty weird…but hey do what comes to mind and play…the keys of black, the keys of white, are starlight Twinkles out of sight?…while wiping dogs butts in the night?

A juvenile ass humor, the great childish fascination with bodily orfices. Shall it ever grow tiring? I think not. Well obviously you think not, that much is perfectly clear. So come here son and hold my beer. I’m going to kill this innocent dear, horror dismay in grotesque posture of death bambi lay. The terrible man had to eat, so he slay… and in the end when the moralist thinks he gets reward …the deer hunter is honored in heaven the happy hunting grounds and with the moralist God is utterly bored…hell that rhyme went badly, maybe jump up and down real madly?

Do peanuts have feelings my funny pet? How about soybeans can you hear them yet? You hug those trees like dear old friends so how can you eat that screaming carrots ends?

Nah sometimes teasing hippies is just not right besides they are sneaky they will not fight. They tout themselves as so clean and pure and then they kill a guy like me for sure… go figure hippies are just as violent as everyone else… they are just dishonest about it… and chant some Krishna chant.

Now disregard my filthy slander with half cooked rhymes and meanings meander. If I could make flowery rhymes I would be in hallmark Valentine’s… sweet cherubs and baby’s wings my poets tongue upon unmentionable things… x rated visions like superman is all my poems are good for man.

So take your pleasures where ye may no this is not a rhyme word play, so forget I even tried to skate across thin ice while I masturbate not once but thrice.. forget I’m even writing here because I move the entire sphere of focus off the rhyming game before some azzhat tries to blame…refrain…refrain…too much maybe jump the train of hobos first class passage thorough pain into a world all his own once known once known as the big rock candy mountain. Did that even rhyme read it again.


My jaunts like a runner do get weird from time to time and the sensation of the wind across my sweat stained face is nice refreshing I am pouring out the old recycled liquid of misspent youths judgments… allowing influences from many to pass by like wind meaninglessness like this blog content. Forever my youth remains with me this world shall never break me… I am the heavy metal machine gun kid, and no one knows what I ever did… what they do know though is the old hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand. Which was classic C.I.A. M.K. Ultra first generation mass media mind control manipulation. One hour with me and Phil Spector would be begging to be set free with my hammer back I do not attack cause I’m harder than a wrecking balls Jack. So be he of good cheer the end is near and all your courage is soaked in fear. So don’t use television, internet or cable cause those three drugs are really powerfully unstable and could decide at anytime to explode the bomb N.S.A. can’t find the mime who did the box in front of me…your honor I plead insanity. So kiddos listen to the elder voice you have your will, you have a choice… tell the man with the suit and tie to let you free, …he hides in the deep just learn to swim…like me?

Oh jeez, I wonder what had transpired to create such an awkward sequence of text there. To what horrid essence of thought do we owe that drivel to? Oh here he is in my body, how unsettling to found out in such a manner. Exposed as a fraud, charlatan, huxter… snake oil salesman. Quite disconcerting to my egos health. How do we seem to carry on I wonder, what with terrorists around every corner and swine flus, in the birds…it is amazing that scam artist’s can find the time to create such artforms as this, and not fall prey to some bloodthirsty religious zealot with a Kalashnikov. I believe that the news medias have well overestimated their capability to fool even just some of the people some of the time. If CNN for example wasn’t subsidized by Something by someone then surely it would have been shut down long ago according to its ratings alone. If you want to influence people CNN you cant do it with such obvious garbage and such loathsome people. I guess CNN must be the third world of entertainment because it certainly is not news. Well all American news services are pretty much complete garbage hey, they don’t even try to hide it anymore the world looks on and just shakes its head while fanatical right wing conservatives chant out like a mantra, things that may have been true in the 50s…but just seem stupidly nostalgic today. No wonder America is seen as so less than intelligent by the remainder of the world…is there some way we can redeem ourselves without selling out to psychopath globalist scum? The waters boiling in the Ocean and the sky is falling into that sea, that’s bubbling and rumbling like some tea kettle on the sun. Ahh to force content is not a good idea is it, the above horrid rhyming stuff was some of the worst yet. I am no longer convinced that I have any talent, the word spinner thing might better… in many cases perhaps it is but even A.I. can’t string together half way coherent sentences unless first instructed as to exactly how to, just like a kid with a brain full of goo…so sue…poo poo…ok that’s enough enlightened interjection ceases this stupid non connection of light and dark grey shadow world, my stinking puke into pool I hurled… how is it then that we pretended to be some actual source of textual imagery engineering brilliance? False advertising is not possible in America… Americans expect advertising to be misleading… So jump down here and stop your bleeding, I see you have a beaten face, I can’t stop now so keep the pace… oh for Christ sake stop with the stupid rhyming your messing up my stories timing… ok now it’s getting old don’t tell me later that you weren’t told…

I surmise that the gentlemanly thing to do is reel up my penis and throw it over my shoulder and swagger down the street in style…it would not be classy to leave it dragging on the ground behind me.

In all events of time and space we must escape this weird azz place. I think I just saw Rod Stirling… he was the host of the original twilight zone kids… there is someone… something, on the wing! So I remember old captain Kirk making his acting debut on the original twilight zone episode called Gremlins… it’s an Asian concept of building undetectable bugs into machinery… and odd how in our modern age we have seen that very situation emerge in real life… if you know you know, if you don’t I’ll get crayon out and draw you a picture.


So intense frequent positive desired experience, a constructive sustained inner environment….is outside the realm of most…as a conscious choice, it is outside the realm of most… I include myself in the word “most”….Only because that is a choice, my choice…and not because I am kept from it… I am not kept from anything… I am not focused on what not to do… I am focused on what I desire, what I see as correct for me, not what the corporate media services try to force feed everyone …if you are a corporation you no longer have a public opinion…you no longer have individual “rights”… you have become a business entity, and should only be allowed to advertise your product or service…in fact your opinion on anything is highly suspicious biased and inconsequential….you no longer have a public opinion…in fact I have all kinds of suppressive ideas and concepts to be applied to corporations…I believe it’s time for pushback in an extreme way… I am not seeing what I want… I see, hear, taste, touch, smell and feel that which wants me… And Americans…lots of Americans are just like I am…sick and tired of corporate bullshit…corporate lies and hogwash….generational lies handed down by thieves, liars…corporate psycopaths…but personally just as other individuals know within…I know money wants me… wants us…becsuse we are the real value that corporate America has forgotten about…they have become so focused on the symbol…that they have lost sight of the real source of value…this is how they have already lost the conflict….because I am, we are the eye of the storm, where all the value actually is… we are the true source of all value and wealth…and they are the ultimate losers….lost in their own reeking bullshit…. we have all the real power, thus their mad corporate/government scramble to control our thinking… our opinion through the media services they seek total control/ownership over….If it is a normal average expectation that you feel … then I bet it’s what you have, and daily experience… that normal average expectation can be just as easily 100 million dollars as it can be 100 dollars… as an example of opulence….or scarcity…. your normal expectations are the experience of your life… and no amount of media propaganda and attempts at mind controlling, opinion making… corporate vision, forced upon the “public” will sway us…from our true understanding of ourselves….what you have actually done, as corporate America, is you have made us extremely aware of your criminal agendas… you have shot yourself in the feet with a fully automatic 200 round belt-fed machine gun….and no longer have legs to stand on… I am not giving the show away…as there is more dog and pony acts remaing… as my time is of considerable value… I enjoy my time and know it’s fullness…I feel and sense my rich reward in time …before it arrives …knowing full well that it wants me more than I want it…

No little system of people whom seek false authority over others will prosper in our world for any long period of time…and the metaphorically described boot that stomps on the head symbolically, is our boot the people’s boot… stomping the tiny amount of bird brains existing in the egg shell corporate head…. Could my eternal existence be so overflowing with rewards and increasing delight?… its real justice for the too long oppressed…you bet it can …and does… my normal average expectation is way…way…way outside the “norm”… and I know that people just like me are not satisfied with corporate America’s plastic, sick little failing vision of control…they are cowards, thieves and liars. How could one so deeply caught in tangled nets of despair as I was, we were… for So long, have become so happy without any external evidence? These judgements are held loosely as evil is not resisted but neither swallowed as truth.

Without a change in the world around me as all these self improvement gurus dangle like a carrot before us? I and you both know that you and I cannot change anything or anyone around you, other than yourself – the self is all that is changeable. I know now that the change in perspective is more than decision, more than a practiced habit, more than consistency, and much more than improvement of circumstance, or situation.

The truly positive outlook is in large part the complete and utter surrender of those expectations I once held so dear: expectations for money to come, for that house or car to come into my experience… complete and total release of the idea that anything will improve at all… a total giving up…which is completely against most self improvement, doctrine…a release and then full headlong rush right into the creation of a solution to whatever challenge I am presented with… for me happiness did not flood in… and I do mean flood in… until after the deluge found its equilibrium totally saturating my desert consciousness into a blue cool moisturizing lake of relief…with instant growth, flora and fauna now everywhere in my life – an oasis of sheer pleasure…it did not arrive until I totally surrendered to the idea that I would ever posses it…just completely threw that idea out …. not reject it…in total refusal…I did not toss its reality away, I just forgot about it…forgot about trying to control it…. because I was too busy being successful…too busy solving others problems…my own problems…too busy writing this idiotic personal viewpoint, this blog here and now… to busy being what I desired to be…and yes… I still don’t posses it … I am just being it… I am in it…living it …having the experience of it…not owning or controlling it…not grasping it or telling it what to do…or how to do it… it is just there ….like any other beautiful environment is…its not mine but everyone’s… it’s not exclusively for me… but for all… my opulent estate, my impressive financial freedom with continuously flowing mega sized cash flow…is not just my own… my exclusive experience… but it enriches countless people whom have stepped up and earned their seat at this table… they created it… just as much as I have…I just live in it by choice, much like they do with me… I knew and know, now fortune, fame and happy go lucky health, wisdom, love gratitude…and too much more…to list here…it all was, and is …seeking me, trying to find me…finding me here and now…continuously…. all I needed to do was to let go of a sense of owning it… I let go of the expectation, or the “want” of it …and allowed it to “want” me…so literally overnight after four decades… it found me in spades… I had allowed it to come and seek me….I had put so much opulence and massive wealth into my vortex, that it would be irresponsible of me to hoard it all to myself… even impossible… and why allow worthless money to stagnate? Waste away and rot to nothing… because money has no value until invested, until exchanged… money is worthless sitting in a bank, or a safe, or stuffed in a mattress somewhere.

money gif

No value is created in any economic system, until its currency is in transition from one place to another…a sale/purchase, is where the flow of currency is… and that flow is the currencies only value…. this flow this river which the banks on either side contain… is the actual value in the money. God bless poor minded people they will spend a great deal of time talking about and showing you what not to do with money… God bless these money gurus…don’t spend a penny with them …all the best information is out there in myriad forms available totally without monetary cost…now carefully listen to the wordage…. totally without “monetary” cost… I wonder if you can extrapolate the message of my intent in that…statement “without monetary cost”… go back to the stuff from the 40s, 50s and 60s…even 70s…but stop around that decade…something happened in the eighties and I’m not going to go into it…I’m totally focused on and in solutions…we can discuss the movements and intents of criminals anytime… it is true that you are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution…I and many of my fellow citizens have shined up our waffle stompers to kick some criminal corporate ass.. and don’t get me wrong I love corporate criminals…I’m not judging them…where would my little rant here be without them?…if they didn’t try their little seizures at imaginary brass rings, where would this whole world drama be?…also our own criminal elements of our own government…will be dealt with…it is all completely ok…its not like they are hidden or actually any secret…I mean they are so painfully obvious it has become a cliche’….Your choice, people…your decision… I am not emotionally invested in others dramas and stories, I am afraid I’m totally self centered and can only create my own, wonderful lifestyles, my own wonderful standards of living for myself and just several thousand other people… I am not that into exploitation like some of the largest American/Chinese, corporations seem to be… Where the largest of them have an overriding protocol, procedure where the business itself seems to be above all other considerations, human or otherwise… this seems to me a bit sick, some kind of sickness or obsessive compulsion…but hey I’m an opinionated prick of misery, right?…certainly for me… letting go of everything was the most effective thing I have ever done… you could say being ready to die or not fearing death in a symbolic way…. and as I continue to do, and I don’t believe for a millisecond that it is the same process for everyone..

I am ready to let go of everything at all times…if you don’t understand it’s ok.. not everyone is going to understand financial freedom, and all the fake information about it… hence the myriad of vague choppy, non sequential fluff filled, puffed up information on wealth creation out there… just like this blog entry itself….you don’t create wealth it is already within you…you don’t want wealth….wealth wants you!…. I don’t think success, financial or otherwise is for everyone …and most of the fireball “driven” motivated…hungry upstarts out there will still end up like the statistics show us …the old 1% and the 99%… I think the good news is that… the one percent is not always the same people …we rich are always coming and going…be aware of that… and the, ninety-nine percent is always going to contain some of the one percent at all times… WTF.?… what’s one percent of 6 billion people?… I really don’t care what I hear or see in the news about financial movements, financial downturns or upturned …sideways, squiggly lines…bar graphs all just so much worthless wasted time for engineering types to jerk off to. I don’t get involved in secret, insider b.s. nor do I believe in fractional reserve lending which we will all soon realize is the real drain on the economy… the crime against our nation came right from inside it, operating under the color of law… basically the federal law makers …and bankers themselves …of course…in collusion, through generations….they became total criminal organizations …right under our noses…in a super slow motion sequence of events…just as is plainly documented on official record keeping systems which right now, “they” the criminal elements in our own government and private business sectors,… seek to suppress and destroy…but who cares… we are too busy being the actual value they could never dream of being in their own self proclaimed false ownership of their “precious” economy, they really don’t own it they just want you to believe they do…that economy which is all of ours…that if left in their control, to parasitically drain and eventually destroy…is not their own….they have nothing until we give it to them…they are not capable of having any intrinsic value… but hey again who cares…criminals are always running from whatever crimes they have committed and I am too busy adding value to an economy that we own… as the people of the nation…and government itself is our idiot stepchild….business itself is our servant and not the other way around…our economy… that will still exisist after they are caught…after they have destroyed what is ours…it will still exist… after its drained by the morons we ourselves endorsed, and one way or another put into power….the real value is in us… not them… we cannot be stopped!!! …they can and will be stopped…, just as we are witnessing now… That’s the good news about this thing… if you were a carpenter and went to work and the boss said sorry guys no work today there are no more inches…wouldn’t everyone on the job say WTF? … no more inches?…. well this is the scam the government and the bankers try to play on us…money is only an agreement a legal agreement… and guess what… their paper and computer data are all worthless… its labor, it’s people, that have the real power and value, not the legal agreements…not the “inches”, and next time banker Bob or chicken little, federal reserve Joe blow…try to tell you there are no more inches, or try to intimidate you with other criminal, federal, gun toting goons…you know that they once again have stolen so much money, that they have to create an artificial economic disaster to see if they can get the suckers of America too pay for it…once again….So I mentioned that the flow of money moving… is the real value right? Well our infinitely wise idiots at our financial casinos run by psychopaths figured out a way to artificially stimulate the “flow” to their benefit of themselves… and not the people’s … it was and is a criminal system warned against, by our founding fathers never to be implemented…so by practicing what’s called fractional reserve lending… which is in essence creating non existent money out of thin air… these dipshlts have once again killed the golden goose, through their own generational greed…but this practice of central banking and fractional reserve lending of the world reserve currency… only goes so far in the International money game which is where these geniuses, have really stuck their own feet up their asses… And then put them in their mouths… it’s the entire world money system that contains the flaw …and is exploited by the criminal elements of humanity….through generations…. all to be paid for by us, the common people… you probably already know more about this then you care to ponder…so the solution for me alone is the true realization that money… no matter how poorly managed and or exploited, criminally abused… by so called experts, ….that the true value of the money is within me and not in the physical agreement about the media, or symbol of it… my value is printed upon or said to be contained within it… but is not, it…itself…and at the end of the day the real value is my contribution to my fellows, my peers…my constituents…and not in the wispy ever-changing, government and banking agreements about my value…our value…not the banks…not the government… anyway let us not be moved like leafs in the wind, but let us rise up and disallow, the lecherous greed within a small fraction of mankind to manipulate us into servitude.

magician smoking

Don’t be fooled by fancy talk and intimidation, don’t be fooled by our ingrained, trained ignorance around the subject of what real value is… I think that at this point, I understand that I will never change the world or anyone within it except myself… I must learn that I can only call upon myself to add value to my own circumstances and situations. It is only me that I am able to truly influence, and so my choices of focus, that which I choose to immerse my awareness in… is going to be the results I experience… I can walk by faith… I can be a doer of the word in my chosen works, in my particular brand of personal contribution to the solution, to whatever challenge I may be currently solving, facing… transforming into a value producing system of success…. I can lead by example or action… as… These words themselves are not physical action…but my finger tapping upon the keyboard is… examples need not be grandiose or spectacular and most effective solutions are neither. Most effective solutions are minor adjustments or simple, elegant mechanisms of valuable presence, in the solution-marketplace…. valuable contributions from me, and you that solve some human need efficiently, effectively…If we all just got together for 24 hours and stopped spending money, the bankers politicians and military psychopaths of the world would soil their pants in fear…. then we could implement real change without their permission…which is what actually happens anyway…so fear not!….the battle is actually already won…our own personal decision to allow wealth to know us…and not us to know wealth… is the small adjustment needed by most….by all…
This formula of straightforward simplicity is the formula for wealth… its is the way everything is accomplished without too much trial and error… though that will be present, without too much physical exertion… though that must be present, and how about just laser pointed focus on accomplishment, on victory, on successful solution to whatever opportunity that is presented to me…to us….What about that single minded focus that won’t take no for an answer?…brazen impudence of solutions embodiment…. because there is nothing to sell anyone else on but yourself…you have got to sell yourself on yourself… without that… certainty …or confidence in yourself…or even arrogance in yourself… the direction of success gets fuzzy or faded, or unclear… So I am certain for myself alone …that I know that if our economy crashed tomorrow… I know it would be day one of the rebuild …and I would still be unstoppable… Because I know that value of all wealth is in me and not in the bank or the paper, or the computer – I am the source and font of value, just as you are… they cannot own us… we are too knowledgeable… we are too valuable… we are the power, not them…this is why they secretly buy guns and bullets and create their stupid little failing control systems…and hire their retarded minions… they wallow in fear constantly… We are too focused on real solutions and not gambling or lying, cheating, or stealing… our own trusted servants have long ago turned against us in secret…thank you for your consideration and contribution though…I am perfectly ok without your imperialism….any how…what is the eye of the storm for me?…for us?… How is it that I am so sure that I am the value in money, and its paper or digital representation is actually a symbol of my own value? …Well I guess instead of answering that question with one really long history lesson… lets just say something exciting like,

( making big money is not a matter of intelligence or even knowledge… it’s a matter of inspiration… )… I wonder how many reading this far, will actually understand that….

right?…I am asking you if I am right?…right?…. oh I guess I can’t hear you I’m not Google or Facebook… secretly recording you without your permission….I forgot sorry…So making huge money is a matter of inspiration and fulfilling that inspiration through action, identifying the highest value actions, and then practicing, polishing and continually taking those higher value actions consistently right?… or just facking do it…also works… I often live within a world that is intensely my own… so becoming sensitive to others opinions or viewpoints is really my greatest challenge… I like to interact with others but I often find them depressingly stupid, I understand this sounds harsh and even arrogantly closed minded on my part.. and perhaps it is but we all have our idiosyncrasies don’t we… I am trying to be honest so please feel free to move on to some other activity …as I just said, I don’t obviously care right?…right? I am asking you if you hear me…. oh you don’t care either, how about that… So the modern world is often pervasive with this indifferent attitude, and in a sales situation I can almost “garun-tee” you, that whom ever you are “pitching” your presentation to… your transfer of enthusiasm to the other party….is on its receiving side, more eager to shut you down and reject you than to listen to you… So all sales are a transfer of enthusiasm for the product or service you are selling. Can you transform the other persons attitude to “resonate” with become as enthusiastic as you are?…about a possibly unneeded product or service…. I myself am not even interested in trying to do that… I don’t particularly care for salesmen, or products or services… and my personal sales method is to remove myself so far from any conventional sales technique …that I don’t sell …don’t pitch or don’t transfer enthusiasm… as I really only sell things to myself alone…. I am only truly excited about, and authentically believe own products or services…. without sales …I sell….I am not a sales person at all… but I do know how to be enthusiastic about something I honestly believe in…. if you think you will never sell anything in your life… even if you make no money… or more money than King Creases ….if you think you need not sell…you are mistaken, didn’t I just say I don’t sell?…am I contradicting myself? even children sell, and they do make great sales people don’t they?… everything is sales…as a metaphor…we all are constantly buying and selling…so Jesus came and flipped over the tables in anger….ok that’s it for selling…fuck it… back to inspiration which really is at the heart of money wanting me…which really is selling yourself to yourself…I don’t want money…money wants me, it wants me so bad, it is begging for me to take it everywhere I go… because money knows that I can give it more value, more status… more fulfillment than its ever known before…money chases after me …so I need Armored car services, accountants… Tax, advisors… lawyers, other types of lawyers… and even bankers sadly enough… but I fire all these turkeys on a regular basis except the armored car guys.. you got to change attorneys every so often for the same reason you change diapers or politicians…so money or value…or personal financial freedom…or fiduciary success …I have so much… I have to weigh it instead of count it… actually kiddos only about 8% of our entire nation’s wealth is in printed or coinage form… the remainder is literally numbers on a computer screen… Money is a great mistress but I’m not married to her… she’s beautiful… she is sexy, she is classy, but she knows I’m in charge… she is just my mistress, not my wife… I’m not married to money, …money services me …as i choose…I don’t need to service money…as it is my slave, my servant, not the other way around…I love having money and we all know money loves me… but I don’t acquire money just for the sake of having more… Money acquires me because it understands what I can do for it… I am true value, money is an imaginary symbol…suck it.


ok about acid, and illuminates

illuminati gif 2

Acid is not a drug people, listen just like cannabis acid is a chemical compound already found within the human brain. Or listen to bio chemical engineers not me, get off my azz you litlle pleeb…Just like DMT, LSD is already present in your own human physiology. So people want to convince you of all kind stupid bullsh1t in this world, and most of it is total worthless crap. Make up your own mind, don’t even bother reading this… So again just like this article, and other internet b.s. skip over the worthless crap and move on to something else. Did you know that if one little bacteria in your intestines were not present, you would start tripping balls “totally naturally”. In fact there is an aspect of your human psyche that are tripping balls right now and you are totally unconscious or unaware of it. I think science is the idiot stepchild of the heart, but hey that’s a personal opinion.

Tripping balls is an experience for the pure scientist or the foolhardy brave, I’m in the secondary category without doubt. I can tell you that whatever you have been suppressing into your subconscious,through your lifetime. Will come to acute symbolic awareness while tripping on LSD, your repressed emotions and beliefs will surface to awareness and express themselves in symbolism or the language of dreams. Certain strains of cannabis are also known to induce potent effects, especially as in the outdoor “Mold Resistant Strains“. THC is a psychoactive chemical found in marijuana that provides different effects depending on the structures of the chemical compound, or cannabinoid. Most of us are not familiar with the language of symbolism or language of dreams, read Carl Yung… and get confused about the profound or significant sense we emotionally feel about the “trip” and the actual symbolic message the subconscious offers our conscious during the “trip”,this message often gets misinterpreted. And only the tripper himself or herself, can interpret the trip, outside interpretation is worthless in my opinion… and further it is a practice of following, not leading…in any event what the hell do I care about your abilities or inability to grow personally through the use of psychedelics? I don’t know you or really care what you do or don’t do, just being honest…I am just here to share experience and not preach right?

So I am thinking that today, from my viewpoint these new kids, these millennials as they call them… are really smart kids, like intellectually… The ability to learn school type stuff the ability to mentally live within their own minds seems off the Richter scale. But on the other derogatory hand with rare exceptions. I say rare exceptions because I only know of one personally, whom is out there creating his own world. these kids today by majority are for the most part, not driven to create new world’s for themselves as our past generations seemed to be. Now who knows, is this the ultra riches plan for world dominance taking effect?

acid illuminati pyramid eye gif

Now I know that many have their own opinions about these subjects I broach here, but am I not entitled to my own? So as I appreciate your view point, neither do I see you writing here, nor if you were to ask me if I give a flying fornication…So with the realization that no one actually gives an airborne reproductive act. I guess I will shift into loose as a goose wordplay that could be easily mistaken as psychedelic expression. Back at the 39th parallel the frozen chosen dropped their roosters and grabbed their feet mittens before the crack of dawn crapped sunshine all over them. A patrol along the newly established DMZ line, will prove deadly to someone in this rifle company, just as it does with every patrol, God forgive me for these zippers I am about to waste today, forgive me my hesitation if I have any…and grant me my superior ability to murder my fellow man before he murders me, Amen.

We today have allowed television to destroy our imagination to the point of the inability to visualize anything, just as our Orwellian masters have wished. Just as the Rothschild’s, the Vanderbilt’s the Morgan’s and all those other highfalutin weirdos paid for long ago. Illuminate schmaluminate…whatever, it’s a name for a long standing club for weirdos…Did you also have a psychedelic epiphany or realization that the ultra powerful families of the world really have no sense of nationalism or loyalty to any one nation, but use that very powerful sense of nationalism against the very nation whom harbors it in its citizenship? Have you seen what Madison Avenue really is? What television, movies, magazines, newspapers, internet, and other media’s really are? Yes… yes…if so then you have seen the control grid, then you understand exactly what I am saying. Now staying free from this influence is actually quite impossible; however, being aware of it constantly, is possible. Now if you don’t go mad or commit suicide, being aware of the technocratic control grids influence in almost every minute aspect of our personal lives is possible. Through our awareness of it, we do begin to break free from its influence. And with practiced repetition we can become totally immune to its negative effects to the human psyche. This mental emotional discipline is probably the most difficult of all undertakings on the planet.

Firstly we must not care at all what others “think” of us. I know you hear this all the time and it’s even a cliche’ of sorts today, but this powerful human tendency is the most powerful force leveraged in the modern mind control grid. Secondly, is parallel with the first. It is not a conspiracy theory to understand that the ultra rich get together once a year to discuss coordinated action plans to stay rich and become even richer, so if someone tries to make you feel naive for understanding this, just realize that they themselves are the ostrich with their own head buried in the sand. And just agree with them and move on, getting caught in the I’m right your wrong game, is yet another of the many stumbling blocks or pitfalls along the way. Thirdly is our own choice, to resist the coordinated attack or to succumb to it…now this one is tricky… it’s fraught with traps and pitfalls, many whom are slaves and think themselves free. Many whom are free but enslave an aspect of themselves…I think in this arena, the arena of freedom of choice, you must follow your own instinct and or heart. Remember that the human heart itself is full of total love, and total self deceit, and just plain old deceit. So I myself try to stay mindful of when I may be lying to myself which is always a precursor to lying to others outside myself. Now I guess I can go into some pretty far out aspects of this stuff since we are on the acid tripping forum right?

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So I will mention only one, Universal unbreakable law – this non human, universal energetic non physical law states that the whole world as it appears to you, everything and everyone in the world is actually an out-picturing of your own psyche’ … I know it may be difficult to believe or conceive that everyone and everything in your experience is actually you pushed outward, but it is a foundational truth upon which the traveler can escape the electronic control grid. Harmony in all your relationships will eventually allow such a great understanding of yourself that you will become totally “unstoppable” as they say. Now many persons outside yourself are actually either unconscionably aware or more powerfully, consciously aware of this energetically engineered human control grid which has been, being built much longer than most realize. So as we journey down the path of total self dependence, we often become aware of Many signposts left in the path along its crooked way. We can absorb those messages left, but then just as you absorbed them, let them go. And the way is straightened and cleared. For it is counter-intuitive, I know, but this path to freedom, is a path of letting go and not accumulations… many in this control system are stuck at levels of accumulating and there is nothing wrong with the sustaining of the body, but I know, more than possessions… the importance is in the journey. I know it sounds like hippy horse apples…and it is…but letting go is an act of bravery most of us are not yet ready for…so forget it kid become greedy as hell, try to join the illuminate club….ha ha ha.. as though they are excepting new members…hilarious…read Mark Dice. Try to balance sustaining the vehicle, with material accumulation… don’t get caught in greed.

Now I realize that this point is about as far as I can go on this blog. Although I see that many of you are open minded and able to grasp this message, I also see that continuing to describe the path may infect or taint the expectations of the mind of the traveler, in other words this personal journey is just that …and should be found and experienced by the traveler himself or herself…and some old alcoholic acid tripping weirdo who happens to bring the subject up in some obscure blog. On the internet, which is itself part of the very control grid he is touting to be desiring of dominance over your own psyche,as he describes it… is nether here nor there in the end… my two cents makes as much difference as a fart in a whirlwind right?…so these so called “elite” weirdos want more than money, they already got all that… these royal butt wiping weirdos are human, and they want total control over all other humans…and that is extreme greed… Fortunately for all the remainder of us, or the 99%, Their aspirations to control the entire world has proven more difficult than they had anticipated over several hundred years ago…so it’s become a generational long term plan of theirs. In any event my kiddos, I’m gonna log off here and leave this post just as it is. Take it or leave it guess what, just like you. I really only give a fornication about myself right? So all the above totally freaking worthlessness…did you expect something useful on You are a sucker aren’t you?….lol.

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white supremacist dog whistling

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I’ve never heard the term white supremacist dog whistling, until Google made it clear to me today. I think it’s clear commentary on a subspecies that exists today in America called the corporate zombie bootlicker. I think all the white supremacist dog whistling skinheaded fanatics and the corporate zombie holier than thou, bootlickers should all get in the octagon cage and have it out once and for all. In a no holds barred death match. I would definitely pay to see that. What an epic match or mismatch as it may prove to be. But I digress, I was lost in a trip last we met but the news or the facsimile of the news, had brought me back to insane planet earth, the only planet that believes that nuclear warheads keep it safe…and safe from what? Nuclear weapons, nuclear attack… freaking bunch of geniuses down here for sure.

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So I got to pondering Saturday morning cartoons you know, not this new garbage but the sixties and seventies classics. I wondered how much of that subtle programming shaped the modern intellect as it stands collectively today? Do you think the two hillbillies in daffy duck cartoons were white supremacist dog whistling while they sang? I myself am remaining neutral on that particular pivotal issue. I wonder how long it will take the masses to realize that good cannot exist without evil… I wonder if they can wrap their ability to contemplate around that. Or what’s more likely is that opposite sides will continue to be offended by each other indefinitely.

But who cares right? and what does some vague pinon on politics have to do with acid tripping you ask, well honestly as a representative of the tripping community I could not provide a definite answer for you on that…oh wait I can hear a white supremacist dog whistle some where…oh it’s just Google trying to false flag another fake news story into fruition.

Anyway before we were so rudely interrupted and my high totally blown, I was tripping out somewhere can’t quite remember ever since that political article on a search engine site piped up and got my attention remembering the image of the dog staring into the grammerphone funnel with the caption underneath “his masters voice”… might be too old an icon for you Millennial generation. But I got to thinking how influential a company whom claims to be a search engine is becoming in the news scene. The reason I mention it is that they seem so brazen in their opinion on absolutely everything and so far removed from factual news reporting that I just wonder what the hell their intent is.

Damn it i keep going back to obviously fake news and forget to tripp, let’s dose up shall we….weeeee…..weeeeeeeeeee…sorry…my God where’s my nose!…oh here it is In my hand…keep away from that window…
Oooh too late… all I could hear was I can fly I can fly…i can flyyyy…i can fly…i can fly…thatch getting repetitive its not like your readers are actually tripping man. Keep that in mind there chuck, in all and by all means there comes a juncture when the articulator of the content must focus no matter how many purple microdots he has ingested.

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With this in mind I must somehow make clear to you that my face has been replaced with some strange version of the where’s the beef lady’s face…it might not effect you as much…but to me it’s deeply impactful. I cannot go around asking where the beef is for the remainder of my life. I just don’t have that much time left in this planet’s influence and how the hell do I get out of this duck hunting outfit. One galosh at a time kid, one galosh at a time, so here I am dripping wet sitting in the sack a duck truck stop and waffle shop. Apparently I have ordered waffles and coffee with a side of duck flavored bacon. To my dismay Richard Nixon and Spiril Agnew are sitting directly across from me sharing a plate of cheese covered deep fried duck chips. It’s like a bad dream but I’m definitely here and pinching has not brought me back. Richard says to me, “so you are a counterculture hippy, enemy of the state” to which I can give no reply. Agnew pipes in, “we could use him Dick…we could give him the ears all the boys in Nam, are collecting.” I now am totally unable to speak. Yes this stupid kid could be another useful idiot, just like Charles Manson. Yes im certain we can use his own proclivities to our advantage.

These young whipper-snappers think they know everything and we both know what happens when you think you know everything… they both begin laughing until melted Velveeta cheese is running out of their noses. I can only pour maple syrup on a waffle then Nixon says to me wiping cheese from his face, “son come on in for the big win…wire your head and your azz together … work for us and you’ll never have to worry about money again… now he looks at me incredulously… I find I can speak and say, ” Dick, im not worried about money now” … Agnew screams pointing at me “communist”!! , he gesticulates wildly in my direction, “communist”! And the last thing I can remember is the blinding white heat of 40, 12 gauge shotguns simultaneously going off in my face…end scene one…born again in some other place and time a distant white supremacist dog whistling Danny boy somewhere… I find this warm buzz relaxing and pleasant. Just mildly disappointed that I did not get to even taste my waffle, that was 100% pure Canadian maple after all. I’m also glad the dynamic duo of pure evil could not use me like a plastic sex doll either…it is true to be better dead than red, but it seems I’m both somehow… I mean how does some unknown acid head argue with the secretary of state and the President right. I suppose it’s all water under the bridge now. But I remain perturbed. My Hip waders and this flannel shirt…boy I sure hope I am not mistaken, ooh wait here in my chest pocket a white supremacist dog whistle…shall I?… I blow and can hear nothing but seconds later surrounded by white supremacist dogs and they are all corporate board members many from foogle itself…what a little holiday! no wonder Google knew what a white supremacist dog whistle was while before today, I was clueless. So I guess Bernie Sanders says you don’t know what it is like to be poor, live in a ghetto or be harassed if your white…now I am absolutely certain this applies to him in spades, but I was born poor, grew up in a ghetto in Hawaii where I was harassed daily for being white, hmmm go figure.

Right now I’m in the Issan province of Thailand the poorest province of Thailand. Just five days ago while in Laos I was jumped by a Vietnamese street gang and beaten pretty damn severely… why was I targeted to be robbed? Because I am white, this just happened there Bernie, and they were unable to rob me because I fought. Well well well imagine a career politician being totally dead wrong… amazing… So tripping all aside let’s kick this pumpkin down the road a bit into some new realm of refracted light, sounds of purple and tastes of the red and blue…royal funk masters psychological psychedelic journeys begins with allot of fanfare but no humility and this humility is what I think these politicians are missing. Dropping the strawberry ozzly or eating the purple window pane all good and well, but all trip and no living in the square will make Jack a lost boy. So i billow out the winds of change into the night sky without my neighbors noticing, they are tucked into their mainstream bull mills and woofing down on low grade poisons, it’s all perfectly ok I’m not judging them, I just can’t seem to understand why they want to fight tooth and nail to preserve the rat race they b1tch and moan about daily. So to find the source of the stream of the dream is foolishness to them. To become aware of the source of the causation of their own experience seems unattainable to them because they dwell in their faithless states of awareness. All of this is perfectly ok i just don’t understand it. So President Reagan flew in on a u.f.o. just a short while back and apologized to me, I high-fived him and said its cool Ronnie I had to go through that thing to see the other side man. And all my motions through this dream have led me here to infinite awareness, from which I observe more than I ever thought impossible or possible, I can tell you this world goes on forever… don’t believe that M.K. ultra bullsh1t about this world running down or the sun dying or global warming… they can’t predict the weather five days from now and they want you to believe they know the future… hilariously ridiculous crap got sheep bleating and running scared, Ronnie Ray Gun, smiled boarded his small disk spacecraft and got the hell back outta here. I appreciate his apology to me though. So the parallels continue through the ages with mixed results. So the tripping will bring out what is within you into symbolic experience… a visual sensual representation of the content of yourself playing out before you in a so called trip… these journeys are not for everyone, not even for most. Freedom is dangerous as a mountain… choice always has its consequence. Finding the self… the real self is easier said than done. But finally in the end each in their own good time will find the true self. We will find our objects of desire without fail, keep on Truckin.

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Houses of escape

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    • The movement of visual imagery is better allowed its sound in my rooms, across globes of expansion. I am not Terrance McKEnna I am his animal spirits guide. Embrace the visions embrace itself. The helix the fulcrum, the whirling dervish is divine memory chased around a rabbit hole through Alice’s dreams, into some new time and place. I have not remembered yet my purpose here and now so for give the dervish spinning with abandon. Our mysteriously placed memories of off world exploration was all downloaded on the computer of the stain-glass spaceship. It is now too large to fly next to earth. The old journeys are over. My new travels have yet to be undertaken. Into the nano realms without craft I can walk alone and unseen, forever safe now from the vile clutches of my fellow man. Is this precept already tested? By Hollywood screenplay treatments, by deftly swarming corporate ants whom devour the flesh from bone faster than piranhas pinwheel, teeth sweet teeth, flashing through the bubbling water. Where has my body gone? Where is the life I once knew, once cherished. Had I not played by all the rules? Had I not done everything right? And still here I am, consumed within the bellies of a thousand fish. Am I free? Is it not better here than in the bellies of ten thousand corporate zombie cogs? Have I found a heaven in this limbo between two concepts once thought to be a religions painting, upon Grandmothers wall. Upon the painting the last speck of my sense of self clings right at the feet of the crucified Christ. So I was so I am and all our journalists and journeys are canned within some aliens collection of specimens it found interesting. I cannot write of things you want to constrain me within and yet it wants the writing for an attraction as though i have become some carnival side show in a cheap traveling circus. As though these expressions will be labeled and sold as wavy gravy or blue plastic berry jam. So my fate has been as this nano man. It is better to have suffered those slings and arrows, though outrageous fortune had somehow already disappeared into a robber barons vault, into the tyrants castle. My gold and silver centralized in a federal reserve of man’s corruption. My joys and woes recorded in Dolby digital with three dimensional high definition playback through the screens of mediocrity my experience is transmitted. This is the heinous offense of soulless puppets whom themselves have no spark left. Escapes are made methodically, by timing the movements of the screws. By crawling through sewer pipes and swimming cold shark infested waters of discontent. Escapes are made by doing what the mediocre will not do, the impossible the unattainable the unknowable. All these are the familiar routines of habit, all these are my perpetual garments and accutremon. Bring the teleprompter so the talking heads can regurgitate the state sanctioned sanitized news for the father’s of the masses. Bring the swill and genetically modified organisms so that they may masticate upon the download of tonight’s programming. War is peace, knowledge is evil, ignorance is bliss. Be free number 363745201266744, be free and go into the labyrinth of multi sequenced possibility. I can be free from all my creations by finding within the tunnel I had dug in secret, through temporal matrix of undefined causation. Once through it is a certainty I cannot be found. Though also just as certain I cannot go back. And this is not strange as history has shown that mankind is predisposed to suffer evils where evils are sufferable than to abolish the forms of evil he has grown accustomed to. Certainly, it was evident then that evil had forcibly taken the reigns and yet no one even noticing that power drove mankind into madness. That road into the corporate trick bag has profited even them only misery. It is an exercise in futile stupidity to allow business and businessmen to hold the scepter of the King. So I escape from my awareness of this place ashamed I had any part in it. And from a great distance wrapped in vast silence, it does not look half bad. I am not fooled though i am not lured by its tinsel or its glimmer, I have found freedom in this deprivation of continual solitude in this moment of eternal now my awareness alone without a body becomes the seed of a new world. How could I possibly know that it will become the same world I long ago escaped. How could the God’s be so cruel? Or is there something I have missed, some detail I had not yet considered? A dream is flowing into the awareness of the mind whom once believed itself awake, never to return to the sleeping but to live conscious of the dream, to know I am dreaming is the first step toward awakening to understand that going through these nightmares and other sweet journeys while asleep

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    is better than remaining in the misery of superior perspective of imperialists whom thought they had some sensation of motion some so called real life but did not understand that their lives were not real, were not organically transpiring but happening within a pitifully infected prison of self conscious pressure of conformity to the owners chosen examples of what should be emulated to. So why then have I chosen to forsake this world and strain against the conventions of conformity? What is driving me to break away from these herding creatures of monkey see monkey do? is back

Greetings my psychedelic friends, Acid is pleased to announce the rebirth of a LSD focused trippy community. is back

Learn about psychedelics and the unusual experiences, stories and revelations found through LSD 25 – Lysergic acid diethylamide – the psychedelic drug that ruled the 1960’s  known for it’s mind-altering effects on the human psyche.

Experience hallucinogenic feelings when taking acid. You may consider thoughts you have never thought of before. Ideas flow through the creative consciousness in run though the body, ensuring full-visualization of the acid-induced fantasy world.

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