the trending content wears no clothes

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So I have spent, and I do mean spent an hour of my life I will never get back watching mainstream “trending” content on the internet. The weightless non offensive entertainment for the boredom, of the masses… I am not sure how to be gentle or compassionate in opinion about what I witnessed over that misspent 60 minutes.

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I suppose no rebuke is in order, nor is there any concern for the obvious motivations of the “owners” of the media companies, that not only allow this, de-educational process to take place, but are certainly part and parcel of its design and its dissemination. To them I would offer a negative judgement yes… but I am not really emotionally invested in what others may attempt to do… I have an insight into the final battle and its outcome, so to me all these little dramas are quite entertaining… I do have a purpose, but do I have the power to make clear to you, that purpose I hold within my intent here now? Or should i more accurately state that do we together have the power to grasp the brass ring of my selfless purpose?

I should preface everything with the fact that I am neither worldly or seeking of the world, I am neither Knowledgeable or seeking of knowledge. A very wise Ancient Greek, once stated that the seeking of knowledge becomes a form of mental illness. His point was that we acquire a system of knowledge we employ it, it is successful…why the continued pursuit? In that continued sometimes obsessive pursuit, we find compounded miseries from our ever expanding base of so called knowledge…So I understand curiosity I understand light hearted fun, but I do not understand the content of what I watched today for an hour on the internet.

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The content touted to be the most popular and most viewed…This perhaps denotes that I am not “with it” or “up to speed”, with what is popular now on the internet. I suppose I cannot deny that fact. I suppose age and circumstances have stripped away my coolness and left some grotesque repulsion of cool…that all of us are bound to be in time… But I am not interested in, opinions of nieve hipsters and aloof mental midgets… but I am fascinated as so many seem to be, in the overtly superficial nature of what is popular today. And the question of why it’s popularity is so pervasive…across all social strata… as its own internal structure is that of obvious stupidity, how is it that so many resonate so strongly with such retardation… Popular by current measurement. Also a subject I do not understand. Though I suspect, view counts get advertiser’s excited, so in that light, I suspect view counts and other unknown metrics all designed to inform advertiser’s whom and what is “hot” and whom and what is “not” are certainly employed, as per the Youtube Trending page. One suspects these positions are also sold for a premium price to perspective and active advertisers… or do they have an even less transparent sales scheme than that?… it would not surprise me if it was purely an appeal to the advertisers greed and the so called algorithm and complicated math…is total horsesh1t….this way they can by whim and human decision alone make stars and break stars, just as it always has been… the whole smokescreen of impartial metrics used to shield the man behind the curtain from public scrutiny…or attack from other media companies.

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Does that really matter to the nameless unimportant consumer?…not really right… But what of real power kiddos, what of your ability to achieve the desires you personally hold dear?… What of applied specific limited knowledge expertly employed with perfect timing… all to allow you to become the person you feel you would like to be?…I saw none of that within the hour of the hottest content on the internet today… I saw mindless sentiments And stereotypes … I saw the dumbing down of any viewer witnessing that garbage in process…so your choice …your own decision.

And most importantly the decision to be like yourself and not like this person or that person. This celebrity, that celebrity, obviously phantom, choreographed characters and not actual people…Is that the actual goal that they seek to keep you from? and have already failed to achieve…as all their attempts end in failure….look at Fukerberg….you are the person you already are… and you have no need of becoming you…you already are your own face… and have no need to put yourself in some book…so other, gazillions of faces can know how unimportant you are….this is the system they attempt to sell you…if they can confuse you sufficiently about this simple premise…it is then you that can be utilized to serve them and the technocratic control grid of fear… I did witness a one hour expose today upon modern subjects, by modern personalities… all too unfamiliar to me, all subjects that had very subtle messages applied within them as all effective influence peddlers have applied throughout history… a personality/celebrity “having fun” and clearly actually selling products and or services, yet in a very subtle indirect way… Also reinforcing critical imperial viewpoints, stereotypes and preferred behaviors of consumers… I could not help but think about the long term influence this type of content and direct exposure to it would have…the ill effect it would have upon a young persons decision to emulate someone else other than their authentically unique individual self. The obvious subterfuge to make the target, confused about the value of their personal self….The very subconscious message that you as a person are not important…repeated again and again… and again…
…that I did see, a loud and clear, to me anyway, the message of the unimportance of the viewer/witness…was the take away for me, and the long seen understood desire of Corporatists to achieve… what Ceaser, Napoleon, Mao, Stalin, or Hitler did not…could not…which is total, actual world control and clear ownership not just of all the lands… but of all its peoples….Popular entertainment as it exists today, and has in the past has had a long term devaluing influence or effect upon the witnesses to it…watching these entertainment systems, even now participating with them over a long periods, of many interactions, repetitions… have an effect on the “viewer”/”gamer”over that long term ….that tends to dismiss the viewer/gamer as an unknown impersonal “nobody”… a systematic psychological stripping away of your own internal self esteem….watching these very subtle messages of your unimportance in your witness role, subjugated to the all important content being offered for your “entertainment” is nothing short of blatant mind programming initiated and reinforced over the repetitious long periods of time, involved and needed for deep subconscious transformation.

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So why do I care about the media trying to influence people?, I don’t…do your damnedest to program the masses, as you call them…teach them to do your bidding… I am not really emotionally invested in whatever it is that others are doing. So the journey of mankind’s misery upon himself begins long ago, and compounds with every generation, but there is an escape… kiddos… and its not suicide… I myself have escaped to fly free from its contrived gilded cages… it’s long established imperial designs…its lecherous grasping at itself in strange afflictions…their claims and crimes do not move me in any way as the motions of this experience are not to be held too tightly. Resist ye not evil… I am the only God, there is none beside me… the escape is not for faint hearted, partially programmed lemmings, but fearless warriors ready to sacrifice life and limb…which is the first courage these scumbags strip away from modern peoples…making them “soft” as it were….So as to not give away the show, my vauge statements are perhaps of no use, though perhaps not of intent to be of use. Just as the “trending” content upon this inner net, this snare for the attention of mankind…this entry today holds no intrinsic value but subtlety sells you an idea, upon which you may grasp or allow to gently slip away… my desire/intent has no such designs toward your behaviors or desires… I am not invested in your training as a consumer, or producer. I am only articulating thoughts and expressing them in text, without any reason to influence the reader, furthermore, being upon this needle/blog/ in a stack of needles, other private blogs, there is no “critical mass” achieved with the small exposure this tiny entry will get… as “viral” is just as legendary as “voting” is…both just as illusory….as we both know this controlled contrivance is more manipulated than gold on the stock market is. In other words our voices are suppressed by automation and “viral” is a superstition that the owners of the internet propagate…there is no such thing as viral kiddos and all attempts at “proving” it only expose further collusion to form people’s opinions for them… So in conclusion, do you kids really believe in the superficial nature of the popular culture of today? Is it somehow a beacon of value to mankind that I am completely missing?..answer yourself…not me…I am already free…
Oh youth…it is wasted on the young…be happy in your youth and continue having that fun where you find it kiddos, your time of reflection will arrive soon enough. So our movement across the darkened room continues in its progression… the journey is one of choice and action.

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My particular state of awareness or perception expressed here on this virtual page announcing a circumstance not made to conform to a world being engineered for a computer to be able to assimilate in its artificial perception… loosing everything that is good in its scanning measurement its inadequate intelligence more feeble than a chicken… understanding of only what it had been told…understanding only its code its crushing limitations… It cannot artificially learn, it can only continue to do what it was told to do in the beginning. The non physical causation of misery, is a choice just as the physical cause of joy is a choice… and we are here making billions of decisions per millisecond segment of seeming time. Far surpassing any super computers capacity for “intelligence”…Our experience is formed out of our choices and we move through the vibrational equivalent of those choices in our self created experiences. We truly decide which is something a machine will never do no matter the grand delusions of that machines creator be…I am growing daily in a power well beyond the normal dull hum of mankinds average awareness. I am becoming aware of something deeper than unconditioned consciousness… something that exists in back of the great I am, the source of our experience here now. To arrive at a state of awareness that cannot be recognized from here through our feeble, easily manipulated physical senses.


Our senses have long proven themselves very unreliable and yet they are accepted as conclusive, as irrefutable… in ignorance humanity wallows in its self chosen misery…creating torturous systems of pain from which to test himself …and from which to grow into an awareness far superior to the current illusions he wallows within…. and I do not care… knowing that the compassion is wasted on a spirit that knows exactly what it is doing. I am no longer giving a single thought to helping anyone but myself as I have seen the true face of mankind and its ugly mangled features, it’s scarred and deformed structure ….that before his self mutilation was given him as perfection. It is mankind that mamed this perfection to achieve some purpose which seems to be kept secret from himself. And so kiddos, do you watch these mindless emotionally empty hours of stupidity because you want to? Or are you told to fritter away your time by some insidiously thwarted spirit of destruction, that was forged in the white hot fires of war and long tortured prisoners shame…this admonishment and decree is not a pleading or a persuasion. It is a exposure, no matter how brief or rare, if the workings deep below your awareness that so few ever see until so called death. Van be made known, perhaps then you will step above the usury your spirits have been kept in bondage to and crush the very oppressing force that has tended it. For those about to Rock, we salute you.

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