ok about acid, and illuminates

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Acid is not a drug people, listen just like cannabis acid is a chemical compound already found within the human brain. Or listen to bio chemical engineers not me, get off my azz you litlle pleeb…Just like DMT, LSD is already present in your own human physiology. So people want to convince you of all kind stupid bullsh1t in this world, and most of it is total worthless crap. Make up your own mind, don’t even bother reading this… So again just like this article, and other internet b.s. skip over the worthless crap and move on to something else. Did you know that if one little bacteria in your intestines were not present, you would start tripping balls “totally naturally”. In fact there is an aspect of your human psyche that are tripping balls right now and you are totally unconscious or unaware of it. I think science is the idiot stepchild of the heart, but hey that’s a personal opinion.

Tripping balls is an experience for the pure scientist or the foolhardy brave, I’m in the secondary category without doubt. I can tell you that whatever you have been suppressing into your subconscious,through your lifetime. Will come to acute symbolic awareness while tripping on LSD, your repressed emotions and beliefs will surface to awareness and express themselves in symbolism or the language of dreams. Certain strains of cannabis are also known to induce potent effects, especially as in the outdoor “Mold Resistant Strains“. THC is a psychoactive chemical found in marijuana that provides different effects depending on the structures of the chemical compound, or cannabinoid. Most of us are not familiar with the language of symbolism or language of dreams, read Carl Yung… and get confused about the profound or significant sense we emotionally feel about the “trip” and the actual symbolic message the subconscious offers our conscious during the “trip”,this message often gets misinterpreted. And only the tripper himself or herself, can interpret the trip, outside interpretation is worthless in my opinion… and further it is a practice of following, not leading…in any event what the hell do I care about your abilities or inability to grow personally through the use of psychedelics? I don’t know you or really care what you do or don’t do, just being honest…I am just here to share experience and not preach right?

So I am thinking that today, from my viewpoint these new kids, these millennials as they call them… are really smart kids, like intellectually… The ability to learn school type stuff the ability to mentally live within their own minds seems off the Richter scale. But on the other derogatory hand with rare exceptions. I say rare exceptions because I only know of one personally, whom is out there creating his own world. these kids today by majority are for the most part, not driven to create new world’s for themselves as our past generations seemed to be. Now who knows, is this the ultra riches plan for world dominance taking effect?

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Now I know that many have their own opinions about these subjects I broach here, but am I not entitled to my own? So as I appreciate your view point, neither do I see you writing here, nor if you were to ask me if I give a flying fornication…So with the realization that no one actually gives an airborne reproductive act. I guess I will shift into loose as a goose wordplay that could be easily mistaken as psychedelic expression. Back at the 39th parallel the frozen chosen dropped their roosters and grabbed their feet mittens before the crack of dawn crapped sunshine all over them. A patrol along the newly established DMZ line, will prove deadly to someone in this rifle company, just as it does with every patrol, God forgive me for these zippers I am about to waste today, forgive me my hesitation if I have any…and grant me my superior ability to murder my fellow man before he murders me, Amen.

We today have allowed television to destroy our imagination to the point of the inability to visualize anything, just as our Orwellian masters have wished. Just as the Rothschild’s, the Vanderbilt’s the Morgan’s and all those other highfalutin weirdos paid for long ago. Illuminate schmaluminate…whatever, it’s a name for a long standing club for weirdos…Did you also have a psychedelic epiphany or realization that the ultra powerful families of the world really have no sense of nationalism or loyalty to any one nation, but use that very powerful sense of nationalism against the very nation whom harbors it in its citizenship? Have you seen what Madison Avenue really is? What television, movies, magazines, newspapers, internet, and other media’s really are? Yes… yes…if so then you have seen the control grid, then you understand exactly what I am saying. Now staying free from this influence is actually quite impossible; however, being aware of it constantly, is possible. Now if you don’t go mad or commit suicide, being aware of the technocratic control grids influence in almost every minute aspect of our personal lives is possible. Through our awareness of it, we do begin to break free from its influence. And with practiced repetition we can become totally immune to its negative effects to the human psyche. This mental emotional discipline is probably the most difficult of all undertakings on the planet.

Firstly we must not care at all what others “think” of us. I know you hear this all the time and it’s even a cliche’ of sorts today, but this powerful human tendency is the most powerful force leveraged in the modern mind control grid. Secondly, is parallel with the first. It is not a conspiracy theory to understand that the ultra rich get together once a year to discuss coordinated action plans to stay rich and become even richer, so if someone tries to make you feel naive for understanding this, just realize that they themselves are the ostrich with their own head buried in the sand. And just agree with them and move on, getting caught in the I’m right your wrong game, is yet another of the many stumbling blocks or pitfalls along the way. Thirdly is our own choice, to resist the coordinated attack or to succumb to it…now this one is tricky… it’s fraught with traps and pitfalls, many whom are slaves and think themselves free. Many whom are free but enslave an aspect of themselves…I think in this arena, the arena of freedom of choice, you must follow your own instinct and or heart. Remember that the human heart itself is full of total love, and total self deceit, and just plain old deceit. So I myself try to stay mindful of when I may be lying to myself which is always a precursor to lying to others outside myself. Now I guess I can go into some pretty far out aspects of this stuff since we are on the acid tripping forum right?

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So I will mention only one, Universal unbreakable law – this non human, universal energetic non physical law states that the whole world as it appears to you, everything and everyone in the world is actually an out-picturing of your own psyche’ … I know it may be difficult to believe or conceive that everyone and everything in your experience is actually you pushed outward, but it is a foundational truth upon which the traveler can escape the electronic control grid. Harmony in all your relationships will eventually allow such a great understanding of yourself that you will become totally “unstoppable” as they say. Now many persons outside yourself are actually either unconscionably aware or more powerfully, consciously aware of this energetically engineered human control grid which has been, being built much longer than most realize. So as we journey down the path of total self dependence, we often become aware of Many signposts left in the path along its crooked way. We can absorb those messages left, but then just as you absorbed them, let them go. And the way is straightened and cleared. For it is counter-intuitive, I know, but this path to freedom, is a path of letting go and not accumulations… many in this control system are stuck at levels of accumulating and there is nothing wrong with the sustaining of the body, but I know, more than possessions… the importance is in the journey. I know it sounds like hippy horse apples…and it is…but letting go is an act of bravery most of us are not yet ready for…so forget it kid become greedy as hell, try to join the illuminate club….ha ha ha.. as though they are excepting new members…hilarious…read Mark Dice. Try to balance sustaining the vehicle, with material accumulation… don’t get caught in greed.

Now I realize that this point is about as far as I can go on this blog. Although I see that many of you are open minded and able to grasp this message, I also see that continuing to describe the path may infect or taint the expectations of the mind of the traveler, in other words this personal journey is just that …and should be found and experienced by the traveler himself or herself…and some old alcoholic acid tripping weirdo who happens to bring the subject up in some obscure blog. On the internet, which is itself part of the very control grid he is touting to be desiring of dominance over your own psyche,as he describes it… is nether here nor there in the end… my two cents makes as much difference as a fart in a whirlwind right?…so these so called “elite” weirdos want more than money, they already got all that… these royal butt wiping weirdos are human, and they want total control over all other humans…and that is extreme greed… Fortunately for all the remainder of us, or the 99%, Their aspirations to control the entire world has proven more difficult than they had anticipated over several hundred years ago…so it’s become a generational long term plan of theirs. In any event my kiddos, I’m gonna log off here and leave this post just as it is. Take it or leave it guess what, just like you. I really only give a fornication about myself right? So all the above totally freaking worthlessness…did you expect something useful on acidtriping.com? You are a sucker aren’t you?….lol.

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